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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Skizzer by A J Kiesling

Claire Trowling's sister Becca has disappeared from the country, leaving only a cryptic note behind. Her husband has no idea where she went. As Becca's big sister, Claire feels an obligation to keep her out of danger. Claire looks for answers in their past and discovers a strange family situation that took root two generations before her. The deeper she digs, the more interesting the mystery gets, even leading her across the Atlantic to England.

My summary of Skizzer mirrors how short the book actually is. Without the flashbacks Claire has, the book wouldn't have even been published. It's barely long enough to be interesting at all.

The plot is a typical missing person setup. Find a clue here, find a clue there, do a little research, travel here, travel there. Nothing interesting or surprising is contained within the novel.

There is no villain in this plot. While I think it's good that Becca was not kidnapped and that we were spared a cheesy showdown scene, the lack of a villain makes the plot sappy. While this is realistic, I feel like more everyday things should have occurred. The plot is too straightforward.

The best thing about the book is its good characters. They all have personalities, which is a good start for a debuting author. Not many authors have figured this out even on their fifth book, but A J has crafted good characters in her debut novel. This will be a great asset to her down the road.


seems like a rough draft an author sends into the publisher. Only, this rough draft actually got published. While Skizzer is a lot better than some of the other things on the market, it still has some work to do. But this also means it has potential.

I am interested to see what AJ Kiesling will do in the future.

2.5 stars

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