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Friday, March 12, 2010

Rescued by John Bevere and Mark Andrew Olsen

Alan Rockaway, his second wife Jenny, and his teenage son Jeff are currently on a cruise geared toward married couples. They think all is well in their lives until they get caught in a government operation gone wrong. Everyone on the cruise except Jeff ends up trapped underwater in a submarine in which the oxygen levels are limited and time is running out. Jeff tries frantically to reach them in time, but his efforts seem futile. Meanwhile, in the submarine, something is happening that no one else knows about. Those who are facing death are about to experience something they never thought they would experience that day. Their lives and destinies are about to be changed forever-and death is only the beginning.

The best thing about Rescued is the element of surprise. I love it when authors mislead the reader with the book's description and then in the middle of the book, flip the world upside down and change the rules. Rescued is not cheap suspense because of this. Even though the cover and the description hint cheap and predictable suspense, this book is a good example of not judging a book by its cover.

The plot is based entirely on imperfect characters and how wrong choices effect eternity. Even though at first, the characters are good at deceiving the reader into thinking everything in their lives is fine, everything is not fine. There is something seriously wrong with each one of them. Not a single character is perfect in this book because imperfection is its basis.

I cannot tell you anything about this book's real purpose because that would be giving things away. It has a point deeper than the reader realizes at first. I simply love books like this one that are centered around choices. This book is clearly John Bevere's life work. It also makes evident that Mark Andrew Olsen needs a good coauthor to write successful books.

Besides the deep foundational idea behind this book, the biggest lesson I learned was how not to prejudge a book by its description. This book also proves that any kind of plot has potential.

Mark Andrew Olsen should consider coauthoring more books.

5 stars

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