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Friday, February 12, 2010

Blink by Ted Dekker

Seth is not your average college student. He has an IQ of 193, higher than Einstein's. His mind is extremely quick and logical. He can deduct and solve problems at a lighting speed. But one day, everything changes for him. In one moment, two things happen: he discovers that he has been given an uncanny gift to see multiple possible futures and he gets caught up with a Saudi Arabian princess on the run for her life. Suddenly finding himself on the run for his life as well, he joins her in a race across the country to find her true love. He knows he is smarter than those pursuing them because he is smart and he has a new gift. He can outwit them easily. Or can he?

The best thing about Blink is the nature of Seth's gift. Not only is it creative and original, but it has limitations. This gift shows off Seth's slight personality and is the only good thing about this book. It is the only reason this book is rated what it is. There is nothing else good about it except for a hint of personality from Seth.

The character department is suffering for realism. The princess is a typical female lead going against the laws of her country for true love. There is a typical villain who wants her for himself. Seth is the only good character, and even he is not a model one. There is one scene that shows off his small amount of imperfection and exhibits how he could have used the gift in a wrong way. But beyond this glimpse of originality, there is nothing else but an endless car chase across the country, ending with a typical showdown that leads to a perfect end. There is one other character who is perceived as perfect at first who makes a mistake, but in the end, this mistake is fixed, therefore making it not matter.

The end of Blink just left a bad taste in my mouth because Ted made the book all about the romance. Why does there have to be a romantic subplot? People think this is a staple of fiction, but it is not. When you take out the romantic subplot, there is not much left. I finished the book feeling empty because the book itself is deprived for substance. Without Seth's gift, this book is a monumental waste of time.

I hope Ted Dekker never writes a book like this again.

3 stars

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