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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Let Darkness Come by Angela Hunt

Briley is an inexperienced defense lawyer who has been assigned the impossible case-Erin Tomassi has been charged with injecting her husband, a prominent political figure, with a lethal overdose of insulin one night while he was asleep. Erin says she was in a deep sleep all night and did not do it. Briley does not even believe Erin herself, but the more she researches about the case, the more things don't add up. Something is clearly wrong with the case, but the Tomassi family wants Erin charged with first degree murder. They have the connections and the power to do whatever they want. Briley soon finds out that she is very inexperienced in their area of defending. The fact that she has been given no help from her partners makes her think that the whole case is rigged against her. In order to find the answers, Briley must face not only Erin's past, but her own.

And let the light come. Angela Hunt can truly say in good faith that her motto is "expect the unexpected." Only she can take a plot like the one above and turn it into something groundbreaking and original. She did not peak out with The Face. She has only just begun. I had my doubts about this book. I really did. I didn't think she could do it. But if anyone can, it is the Queen of Diversity.

As usual, the characters are superb. Briley is an imperfect character with a personality. Her boyfriend is not perfect. The judge presiding the case does not show favoritism to either side. The prosecutor is not a criminal or even evil. The villain, if you can call him that, is realistic. What Angela Hunt has done is take every legal cliche in the book and rip them apart. This book makes nonsensical legal fiction like The Great Divide look even worse than it originally did.

Let Darkness Come is long and detailed, but the fact that Angela Hunt worked hard on this book shows. One cannot tell that she has never written legal before. It is highly professional. However, this book would not be five stars had it not been for several highly original properties at the end. No one comes up with the ideas Angela Hunt invents. They are groundbreaking. This idea is as groundbreaking as animals seeing angels (Unspoken) and a modern day parable about hell (Uncharted). Angela Hunt has blazed new territory for legal authors. To most, this end is one of the most bizarre and off-the-wall ends ever written. I love it.

On top of this, not everything is fixed in the end. Multiple things are left hanging indefinitely. Angela even came up with a plausible explanation for a character coming back to life! I love it! Leave it to Angela Hunt to invent new ways to package worn out concepts. This is what every author on the market should be doing. Angela Hunt does this with every single one of her books. She is underrated and under appreciated as she is thrown into a box called "female author." She is not an ordinary female author or an ordinary author by far. All of her books have original foundational concepts, good characters, imperfect ends-the whole package. I wish I could come up with the things Angela Hunt comes up with. This is why she has the most Elite books of any author we have reviewed.

Angela has reached a new high in her career that I expect to resound into her next release, The Grandma Gene.

5 stars

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  1. She's my favorite author, and I love this new novel.