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Friday, April 23, 2010

Beyond the Summerland by LB Graham

Joraiem son of Monias has joined hundreds of other young adult Novaana for the annual Sulare gathering to train for war against the wicked Malekim, the sons of Malek, the enemy of Kirathiam. As they await redemption from Allfather, they must consistently protect themselves from adversity. Joraiem yearns to do battle against the Voiceless, yet his heart yearns for the love he lost when he departed for Sulare. Now, at the gathering, he has met Wylla, a princess who has stolen his heart. He longs to tell her of his affections, yet there is another who wants her for himself, someone closer to her. Unfortunately, this man has struck up a friendship with Joraiem, one that he does not want to sever. But all idea of love are put on hold when Malekim invade the camp on their first night in enemy territory. When Joraiem awoke, he found all the women kidnapped. Only Valzaan, the prophet of Allfather among them, is wise enough to discern a plan of action. Yet Joraiem will stop at nothing to tell Wylla of his love before one of them dies.

Authors like LB Graham are sometimes overlooked because their original ideas do not want to be heard. I suspect there are many people being turned away from publishers because their books end like Beyond the Summerland does. Yet a unknown publishing company does not keep this book from being five stars.

The character department is better than I expected it to be, especially since LB didn't very likely receive good editing help. Joraiem is a good lead, and several other characters are non typical for an alternate world, especially Valzaan, the prophet character. Another good thing about the character department is that we never truly meet a villain. Whoever Malek is, he is very standoffish, not appearing in the plot very often. This is realistic because since Malek is a Satan character, one would not meet him in sight.

The best part of all is the end of the book. At the end of the book, LB Graham did something entirely unexpected, something uncharacteristic for any author. LB wrote one of the best ends I have ever read in all my reading. But based on the situation, the book had to end the way it did; otherwise it would have ruined it. Other pluses about this book include a well-crafted world. LB has created a world filled with well-described creatures and a well-stocked history. Alternate world author Jeffrey Overstreet could not even accomplish this, yet he is more popular. The mind boggles.

There is a movement of originality moving below the radar, and some have penetrated the publishing companies. But the market is changing, and the purpose of this blog is make sure it does. To make sure that authors like LB Graham are heard. To bring you original books.

5 stars

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