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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Blindsided by Calvin Miller

Father Peter and Kinta have returned to Seattle in order to thwart an evil terrorist plot to blow up the Seattle Seahawks stadium, killing thousands of people. Paul and Rhonda Shapiro, Gary and Melanie Jarvis, and Joanna Nickerson join them in their quest for justice but find that they themselves have befriended several of the terrorists. When several of them are kidnapped by the ruthless terrorists, all seems lost until Father Peter and Kinta show them a way to save them. But the stadium is set to blow-unless someone stops it.

While writing my summary of the plot above, I wanted to write more, but I realized that there was nothing much else to say about this book. The plot is as shallow as it looks from here. Calvin Miller has returned with a sequel to truly the worst work of Christian fiction ever written. One may think that he can do better than zero stars, but think again.

The characters are worse than before because they lost whatever imperfection they had in The Dogs of Snoqualmie, which wasn't much. Besides the seven main characters, there are many other extra characters that only serve to muddle the mess. Their dialogue is cheesy and simple. The characters lack anything interesting about them whatsoever, except that Joanna Nickerson deserves to be put in a mental hospital because of her conversations with Isaiah and Spotty-an imaginary man and his owl. But since this is portrayed as normal, it cannot be rewarded. Father Peter and Kinta remain to be very strange and abnormal characters portrayed as servants to the world. Calvin attempts to create a purpose for them, but fails. There are other "bad" characters as well who are stereotypical. But by the end of the book, most of them have converted to Christianity.

A terrorist plot is one of the shallowest plots an author can write because it is predictable and overused. Since no one wants to use them in the correct way, they need to be discontinued. Any truly professional author can come up with something better than stopping terrorists from blowing a football stadium sky-high. Obviously Calvin Miller chose this type of plot because he does not belong in the fiction market whatsoever and has no idea what he's doing. There are many amateurish plot elements such as creating four romantic subplots by the time the book was over. Romantic subplots are a simple outlet through which an amateur author can fill time with. Kidnapping and hostage scenes are also simple outlets to fill time with and create "suspense" with.

In short, Calvin Miller has produced another shallow tale that won't stick to the walls of my brain with original glue. He needs to stick to his poetry.

0 stars

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