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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Emerald Windows by Terri Blackstock

Nick Marcello has been asked to design the stained glass windows for his old hometown church, forcing him to return and face his past. He has chosen none other than Brooke Martin to assist him in this endevour, causing gossip to ripple across the small town of Hayden. Because of their supposed "scandal" nearly ten years prior, Alice Hemphill is going to do everything within her power to fire the both of them, since her money keeps the church afloat. Even though Nick and Brooke both know they never did anything deserving the treatment they are receiving, they also both know that they are falling for each other in a way that will keep the whole town talking...
Emerald Windows echoes from Terri Blackstock's past directly after she left her secular career. Though there are some well-developed characters, the plot is generally typical with a typical end and few original elements. Though this plot is better than the typical romance model, it is still not original.
At least Nick is not a perfect male lead. Brooke, Alice, and several other characters are also well developed. Though Alice is portrayed as an evil villain, she still has a personality. However, there is a lot of imperfection in Hayden, which is the only thing that makes this book worth reading.
The plot is generally more entertaining than a typical romance not only because of the characters but also because of the circumstances. Though the results are expected, the circumstances are not. Terri added several surprises throughout the plot the changed things up, yet in the end, Terri did nothing terribly original save for the loss of a sentimental object.
All in all, the book was interesting to read, but I would not recommend it to somone as an example of Terri Blackstock.
3 stars

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