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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Playing God by Michelle McKinney Hammond

Tamara Roberts prides herself in being able to counsel hurting people through their broken situations, yet she does not understand why God allows such broken situations. Corrine Collins is struggling with the terrible secret of her pastor husband's homosexuality. Lydia Derveraux is trying to settle the score between her and her famous yet absent producer husband. Tamera's best friend, Jamilah, is trying to save one of her students from a neglectful situation. On top of this, Tamera is searching for love, which she lost years before when she divorced her husband. However, she is much to overconfident of her abilities as a Christian, which will soon lead her to begin playing God...
At first, Playing God appears to be an unedited, poor rendition of fiction since Michelle McKinney Hammond is used to writing non-fiction. However, as the book progresses, the plot becomes more focused and more original. In the end, this is not a five star novel, yet it is not one that can be overlooked either.
At first, the cast of characters is vast and no personalities are nailed down. But as the book progresses, the characters become more clear and unnessecary characters are left behind. The characters are not a masterpiece as a finished product, but they definitely improve. There is no villain save for the characters' choices, which is mainly what makes this book worthwhile.
This could have been a five star novel had Hammond used a respectable publisher or at least gotten some help editing her manuscript. When I first cracked open this book, I was not impressed. However, the plot became more and more interesting as it progressed. Some romantic subplots did not work out. Other subplots had original ends. The biggest disappointment I had with this book was that it could have been better with more efficient editing.
All in all, any Elite Book is worth my time and your time.
4 stars

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