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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Brink of Death by Brandilyn Collins

Annie Kingston was a courtroom sketch artist, but now she's running from her past. She has come to settle in a small town and has made friends there. But when one of those friends, her neighbor, dies by the hands of a killer, she feels her world begin to rock again.

The only witness to the murder is her neighbor's twelve-year-old daughter, but she doesn't want to say much. Because of Annie's background as a courtroom sketch artist, she decides to help out by drawing the face the daughter describes. But as she draws it, she begins to recognize it from somewhere in her past...

Please. That storyline is way worn out. All convenient connections are cheesy and childish mainly because they are far from realistic.

The characters are just typical Brandilyn Collins characters. They don't have any distinguishing traits that make you think they are real people. They are all just downtrodden victims of a "scary" villain.

Collins needs help with her villains. The villain is the most stereotypical villain you could ever think of. I like villains with pasts and substance, not mindless animals or killing machines.

Brink of Death

was a very easy read for me, however. Its typical nature made it seem short, therefore I didn't waste much time on it. There is a lot of wasted page space as well.

My main advice for Brandilyn Collins is to focus more on her plot and character development instead of always trying to be "scary".

2 stars

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