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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Violet Dawn by Brandilyn Collins

One night in the small town of Kanner Lake, Idaho, Paige Williams could not sleep. She went outside to get in her hot tub and found a body floating in it. A dead body. In her hot tub. She frantically tries to hide the body for fear of being framed. But the body is not someone who will go unnoticed. It is the body of a movie star who resides near Kanner Lake.

Vince is the police chief of Kanner Lake with marriage problems. When he hears about the movie star's disappearance, he immerses himself into the case.

But the real killer is still on the loose...and he wants Paige too.

Despite Brandilyn Collins' slogan, my lungs received plenty of oxygen through the mediocre read. People say she's really scary, but I say she's really typical.

Black Mamba, the villain, is very run-of-the-mill. He has no substance; he is simply an animal, thus his name. I can much better appreciate villians who are real people with real problems.

None of the other characters are very good either. They are all very typical.

In the end, I think do not agree with what happens to Paige in regard to her hiding the body. Imperfect leads that have consequences for their mistakes really add to any book. While the book had great potential to be original in this area, Collins steered away from the original. This is one of the things that adds to the shallowness of the plot.

The one saving grace of this book is the lack of a romantic subplot, save for the repairing of Vince's marriage at the end.

2 stars

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