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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cast a Road Before Me by Brandilyn Collins

Jessie was orphaned when her mother died tragically in a freak car crash. Jessie herself was a witness to her death.

After her mother's death, Jessie went to live with her aunt and uncle in a small town called Bradleyville. Her aunt was very proud of Jessie and did all she could to keep Jessie with her as long as she could. After leaving Bradleyville for several years and than returning, Jessie discovers that not much changed in her absence. However, when she returned, she found herself swept away in a romance with a local boy.

But slowly yet surely, the townsfolk began to argue with each other and fight over their pay. This soon led to a labor strike and other violence that could not be stopped at any cost.

Collins says the Bradleyville series is for the people who are too afraid to read her "scary" books. While I don't believe any of her books are scary, I do know that the Bradleyville series isn't for the suspense crowd.

At first I thought the Bradleyville series was going to be a good, character-based series that would show off another side of Collins. But I was wrong.

While the characters are imperfect, they lack personality, even though the book is told from a first person perspective of Jessie. And Collins did not resist the untrue notion that all small towns are full of hicks. That's just downright cheesy.

This book has its high points and its low points. Many realistic things happen throughout the book. Some things work out; some things don't. Collins almost made the book have an original end. She had it all set up. But she didn't do it.

Cast a Road Before Me

is a book loaded with original potential, like most of Brandilyn's books are. But in the end, Collins chose the easy road and went with the typical. That's why I can't rate it anything but average.

2.5 stars

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