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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Chaos by Ted Dekker

Johnis and Silvie have been transported into an unknown world filled with things they have never seen before-horseless carriages, strangely dressed people, boxes with people in them. They are in a village called Las Vegas, a city they assume existed in the histories. But despite their unfamiliar location, they still continue their mission to find the seven Lost Books of History before Teeleh or Alucard can get their claws on them.

Deep in the mountains of Romania, Alucard lives in an abandoned monastery waiting for his charges to find the seven Lost Books of History. He intends to use the books to open a gateway between this world and the other world in order to let Shataiki through to inhabit the earth.


is the best Lost Book so far because Dekker has transported his characters into an alien setting in order to continue the story. This alone makes it interesting and worth a read.

However, there are several things keeping it off the Elite List. First, the main two lead characters remain to be unrealistic and plastic. You would think that this deep into the series, Dekker would have at least made them slightly believable.

Second, there is a cheesy supernatural showdown at the end of the book complete with CRTs and Literary Trash. It seems like Dekker could have avoided a showdown in order to be more unpredictable to his readers.

The good parts of the book are several unpredictable characters that appeared in the first three books. In Chaos, however, they have been taken to a whole new level by becoming complex and confusing. This was a good change to these particular characters because in their old self, they were getting boring.

As a side note, the end makes the reader think that this is the last book in the series. This is cheesy because it's obvious Dekker has not yet completed the CIRCLE acrostic at this point in the series.

Unfortunately, since the mission is completed at the end, I have no idea what Dekker will do in Lunatic and Elyon, the last two books of the series. But we will review them as soon as possible.

3.5 stars

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