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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Renegade by Ted Dekker

Billy has now entered a forbidden world. By touching his blood to the three Books of History, he has transported into a world he has never seen before. One with strange machines that move. One with people that aren't dressed like him. One with people that kill with black things called guns.

A world that is inhabited by Marsuvees Black, the very man who wants Billy on his side.

Darsal bribes a Roush to take her to a Black Forest so she can follow Billy, who she loves. Meanwhile, Johnis and Silvie attempt to sort out the mess on their own.

For what it's worth, Renegade is the best Lost Book yet. This is mostly because Dekker transitions his characters into a different setting other than the forest. I was getting sick of the forest.

But any book that's inhabited by Marsuvees Black is bound to be slightly comical. His offhand remarks that are so unlike most other villains are refreshing and make the read entertaining.

But each of the Lost Books are, in my opinion, much too short. I think this is only because Dekker wanted their first letters to spell out CIRCLE.

As usual, the characters lack personality and imperfection, but I've gotten used to this Literary Trash after three books.

I fail to understand where Dekker stands on Billy. Is he good or bad? Dekker seems to be able to fit him into any situation and put him on any side and have him however old or young he wants him to to be. It gets very confusing.

It gets even more confusing because when the four chosen ones come into our world to inhabit their perspective characters in Paradise, Colorado, they start to make different choices than the characters did in Showdown. Dekker says that when things repeat over and over again, things have a way of changing themselves.

Cop out.

But Renegade was probably the best Lost Book yet, nevertheless.

3 stars

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