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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Infidel by Ted Dekker

With two Lost Books in their possession, the four chosen teenagers must fight the Horde and avoid danger in order to recover the rest of the books. But this mission puts Johnis in a tight spot when a Roush tells him his mother is among the Horde. The spot gets even tighter when Thomas forbids him to rescue his mother. He must battle the odds in order to do what he thinks is right.

Please. How many times have we heard a plot like that before? Too many.

The Roush have become all too convenient in this series by showing up and giving the teens things they might need.

The characters remain to be as mediocre as they were in the first. Two romantic subplots between the four teens have already been introduced into the series.

Many think that anything that comes out of the Circle is good, but they are missing typical things Dekker has hidden within the series-bad characters, romantic subplots, hostage scenes, bad villains, miraculous victories; the whole nine yards.

However, I must say, the end of this book did give me hope that the next book may be better.

2 stars

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