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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Help Wanted

We are looking for a third reviewer to add to our team. While we will take anybody, here are the specific areas we are looking to improve:
Romance: We need someone who knows their love stories and knows what a good love story is. We do not have the time or the expertise to advance into this genre.
Speculative: We need someone who has connections in the speculative underground. We do not have the resources necessary to discover the unpublished speculative authors out there.
We are also willing to accept reviewers for any other books, these are just the areas we need the most.

Email us at originalbooks200@gmail.com if you want a job. We will invite you onto our blog as an author and you may begin work immediately. However this is simply volunteer work, you will not be payed, we aren't either. You must love reading and want to tell others about it.

As administrators, we have the ultimate authority over this review blog, and will terminate your rights if you do any of the following:
1. Continuously write unprofessional reviews. Unprofessional can be described as short, and\or incorrect in fact and\or biased.
2. Continuously write reviews countering our reviews. If you want to do this, then start your own blog.
3. Tamper with any of our previous reviews and\or other posts. You will be sent a questionnaire if you apply for the job.
Thank you.

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