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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Heaven's Wager by Ted Dekker

Kent Anthony has the perfect life. He has the perfect job, the perfect wife, and the perfect son. Now he's getting a raise. He's going to use the money to take his family on a vacation. But one day before the trip, his wife falls ill to bacterial meningitis and dies. Kent and his son are devastated but begin to cope with it. But three months after his wife's death, Kent's son dies in a tragic car accident. Kent begins to go crazy with hatred toward God.

Then Kent comes up with the perfect crime. As an employee with a banking company, he alone knows about a back door he installed into their system. He uses that back door to steal twenty cents from each account he can get his hands on. By the time he's finished, he has $20,000,000.

Normally, I would say that that is one of the best book ideas I've ever heard. But there's always more to the story.

First of all, the characters are lacking in personality, even though Kent is an imperfect character. There are several other characters, including Kent's replacement romance and Kent's mother-in-law. His mother-in-law is sickeningly perfect, but I can't pass much judgement her way because Dekker swears there's a reason that is explained in When Heaven Weeps.

Anyway, the Kent's plan is well-thought out and executed in a very professional fashion. His plan is probably the highlight of the book.

The main things keeping this book from being Elite are the average characters, the replacement romance, and the scenes of light at the end. These scenes of light are referred to by Kent's mother-in-law as "glory". Kent has one of these such experiences during his conversion. It's very sensational and unrealistic.

Many people say that this book is very emotional. These people liked it because it made them cry. However, this book is not entirely bad because of its good idea. For that only, will I rate it what I rate it.

3 stars

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