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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ghost Writer by Rene Gutteridge

Jonathan Harper is an accomplished editor, one of the best at his publishing house, but his career and life are about to unravel over an anonymous manuscript. The contents of the manuscript appear to be his life. Starting with his birth and leading up to the present day. Someone knows his life and is trying to scare him with it.

The best thing about this book is that it's not like all the other "ghost writer" stories. This isn't a horror story; it's just a normal plot about an editor. Also, there actually is a real ghost writer.

The other manuscripts Jonathan receives day to day are also very interesting. There are two others in particular that are interesting enough to be real novels and not just figments.

Though the characters are imperfect, they don't really show any kind of personality. But they are better than most.

The person writing the manuscript of Jonathan's life is not revealed until the very end of the book. It's very surprising, yet not so surprising at the same time.

There are several other original things about the book, such as key character deaths and realistic everyday life.

The one drag to this book is its length. It drags on and on mainly because the author reveals the full content of one of the manuscripts besides the one of his life.

But that's not the only thing keeping it from perfection. Several things turn out perfectly in the end, yet several things do not.

There is one disturbing issue brought up at the end. I'm not sure how much Rene believes in it, but it stood out to me. It deals with publishing houses rejecting original manuscripts just because the public doesn't like them.

All in all, Ghost Writer is one of Rene's unsung books, and it is probably better than some of her more popular ones.

4 stars

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