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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

June Bug by Chris Fabry

June Bug is a young girl who lives with her father in an RV. Every day they travel from one Walmart parking lot to the next. But one day her world is rocked when she sees her face on a missing person poster. That poster changes everything.

Mae Edwards always believed her missing granddaughter would once again return to her hometown of Dogwood. Her daughter, Dana, has given up hope, but Mae will never stop believing and working to find her Natalie.

The characters lack the realism they had in Dogwood. The characters of June Bug are now just average characters who play their parts too well.

June Bug is a juvenile name for our main character at best. Surely he could have come up with something better. She is just an average child character. She says and thinks things anyone would expect from a young girl. But I think Chris Fabry meant her to be "everygirl".

Chris Fabry loses the element-of-surprise writing style he introduced in Dogwood with this type of description. While the cover description makes one want to read the book, it ruins all potential surprises.

Sometimes the amount of originality depends on the way the book is packages. June Bug is not packaged in an original way.

But there are other problems with the book, such as June Bug's and her father's wanderings throughout the country in the RV. While these scenes are realistic they mainly serve to make the book longer and since they lack well developed characters they are not that interesting .

Nevertheless, there is one surprise at the end that helps the book to be rated higher.

I only hope that Chris Fabry finds his way back to the originality of Dogwood.

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