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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Cyndere's Midnight by Jeffrey Overstreet

Cyndere is the heir to the throne of House Bel Amica, but when her husband of three months dies in a hunting accident, she fails to see the meaning in life. But soon her paths cross with a beastman named Jordam who wants revenge on House Bel Amica. They form an unlikely bond, and soon, Cyndere discovers that it was Jordam's brother who killed her husband.

The ale boy (nameless for no reason) continues to wander the countryside and spread Auralia's colors to those who need them. He soon discovers that he has been gifted with the gift of fire walking, that is, walking through the fire without being burned.

Overstreet remains to leave his reader in the dark about what is going on in the Expanse. Obviously, he is the only one who understands what creatures like beastmen, vawns, and viscorcats look like. However, since this book delves deeper into the politics of the beastmen, the reader can catch glimpses of what these mysterious creatures look like. But still, the editor should not have let this book go to the press without some more descriptiveness.

But that's not the only problem. The plot of Auralia's Colors was more original than the plot of Cyndere's Midnight. Cyndere's Midnight cleverly disguises a typical plot with features that are sure to wow Christian spec fans. There are pieces of Literary Trash such as false key character deaths, typical romantic subplots, showdowns and perfect characters.

The characters, mainly Cyndere and Jordam, spend most of their time wandering around the countryside whining about what hard lives they have. They don't get much accomplished as far as moving the story of House Abascar along. Actually, House Abascar and their hiding in the caves is brushed under the rug for basically the whole book. There is a rare mention of them throughout the whole thing.

Cyndere's Midnight

is basically a complete waste of time. I hope that Cal-raven's Ladder, the Gold Strand in the Auralia Thread, is better than this one.

2.5 stars

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