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Monday, August 31, 2009

Best Authors on the Market

Best of Legal: Randy Singer
Randy is the only author out there who can craft realistic court cases and combine them with realistic characters. In all of his cases, save for his first book, neither side is perfect. Both have flaws. This is true with all court cases, and Randy is the one who has captured it into fiction.
Book of 2008 (By Reason of Insanity)
Book of 2009 (The Justice Game)
Elite books: 6

Best of Diversity: Angela Hunt
"Expect the unexpected" is her motto, and it is true. You never know what genre she's going to write next. But she needs to jump from genre to genre because that's where she thrives: unpredictability. Other authors have tried to do this but have failed. She is the only one who has mastered it.
Book of 2008 (The Face)
True Suspense Award 2008 (The Face)
Elite books: 8

Best of Suspense: James Scott Bell
"The suspense never rests" is his motto. Though he has tried legal in the past, he has been unsuccesful at it. His true talent is suspense, and that's what he should write from now on. He has a way of hiding things within the plot and keeping them hidden for a while. No one else has truly mastered this yet.
Book of 2005 (Glimpses of Paradise)
Book of 2009 (Decieved)
Elite books: 6

Best of Speculative: Robin Parrish
This is the author who changed the face of Christian speculative with the Dominion Trilogy. Before, this genre was full of nonsense and mediocrity. But he showed the world that all was not lost in the world of speculative. He combines imperfect characters with suspenseful plots and original plot ideas to have the most Original Books awards to date.
Book of 2006 (Relentless)
Book of 2007 (Fearless)
Book of 2008 (Merciless)
Perfect Debut Novel (Relentless)
Perfect Trilogy (The Dominion Trilogy)
100% Elite Rating 2008
100% Elite Rating 2009
Elite books: 3

Best of Contemporary: Karen Kingsbury
She knows how to craft realistic characters and combine them with everyday plots. She captures the emotion of life and puts it into her characters. No one has mastered her in this genre, and even we must admit that her romances are the best.
Author of 2008
Book of 2003 (One Tuesday Morning)
Book of 2008 (Ever After)

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