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Friday, August 28, 2009

The Ultimatum by Nancy Moser

The Ultimatum directly continues where A Steadfast Surrender left off. It follows Jared as he lives the cutthroat life of the streets and gets caught in the wrong crowd. Also, it focuses on the waitress Annie and her family.
Annie is a Christian, but her husband is not (yet). They frequently have fights about faith and money. The fights are juvenile and predictable because Annie always wins them. Annie is a ridiculously perfect character. She's a model Christian, always doing the right thing and saying the right words that will win the arguments with her husband.
Meanwhile, Jared is pursuing his dreams as a musician and ends up getting sweet talked into working with a criminal.
Both plots are propelled together in a dramatic string of scenes that involve Annie and her family in a hostage situation in their own home. Jared and his new friend are the instigators. The hostage scene drags on and ends predictably.
It would have been better if Annie had died during it, like Nancy Moser planned to do. Having her die would have made her husband learn a lesson about taking things for granted. As it was, she lived, and he became a Christian. They lived happily ever after.
Well, life does not live happily ever after. Stuff happens. People die. The faster Nancy figures this out and finally exits her sensational dream world, the better Christian fiction will be.
2 stars

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