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Monday, August 24, 2009

White Soul by Brandt Dodson

At least White Soul isn't another Colton Parker mystery. But this new cast of characters pales in comparison to the ones in his previous series.
When a DEA agent is ordered to go to Miami and pretend to be a drug dealer so he can get inside information, he is put in a position in which he must do several actions he is morally against, like being a drug money enforcer. Meanwhile, back at home, his pregnant wife wants to him to take a leave of absence before the baby's born.
The majority of this book is pretty boring; mostly showing off Brandt's research on drug gangs in Miami. This is an interesting subject to breach, one that has never been breached before. Most people will like this book because of it's "suspenseful" nature. Believe me, Brandt is not good at suspense. We saw that mistake in The Lost Sheep.
In the end, there is the usual "Judas Iscariot" agent who betrays them all the to the enemy, whom they face in the "suspenseful" scene in which tells them all his plans and in which the lead almost dies.
The lead makes several bad choices that he does not get consequences for. Though this shows he isn't perfect, he portrayed as perfect in the end by the other characters because he did a "heroic" deed.
I didn't think I would be saying this, but I think that Brandt needs to stick with mysteries. He was better at them.
2 stars

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