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Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Dead Whisper On by T L Hines

The public's enthrallment of TL Hines amazes me. It simply amazes me.
The Dead Whisper On follows the boring life of Candace "Canada" McHugh, a lonely garbage collector, who one day sees the ghost of her father and talks with him like a normal person. Eventually, her father takes her to the society of other "shadows", as Canada calls them. They direct her to a group of humans who are trying to defeat the shadows with water. Keros is a monster who is annoying them. What Keros is is extremely absurd and beyond belief: a golem, which is supposedly a person made of clay given life by a Jewish rabbi reciting Hebrew incantations. Keros has no purpose in the plot but to create false suspense. He eventually disappears from the plot leaving no explanation for why he was part of the plot in the first place.
To say this book has a plot would be a huge overstatement, so I'll just tell you about the finer subjects discussed in this book:
Canada sees shadow spiders crawling on her wall occasionally. Sometimes they spew out of people's mouths.
Canada sees people burn and turn to ash right in front of her. She carries on with her life.
The humans working with the shadows want to blow up a toxic pond on the outskirts of their city. They succeed in blowing the toxins into the sky, which return to earth as harmless rain.
There is an absurd romantic subplot.
Canada is a perfect character; saving people constantly. When she is done saving people, at the end of the book, she takes a five day nap.
If you were the punch a hole in the pages for every plot hole, you wouldn't have much paper left.
We could go on and on about all the problems with this book, but eventually, Blogspot would tell us that we don't have anymore room left on our post.
The reason this book is the recipient of the lowest rating ever bestowed by us is because this is not even a book, but a collection of horror scenes and half ideas. Do yourself a favor and skip this one, despite what the public says.
1\2 star

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  1. Hi - Sorry to hear the book wasn't your cup of cocoa, but I certainly thank you for taking the time to read it. We all have individual tastes and passions, and thank God for that--the world would be pretty boring if we all liked (or loathed) the same exact things.