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Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Steadfast Surrender by Nancy Moser

To read the back of A Steadfast Surrender makes the reader eager to read it. Until it gets toward the end of the book.
Claire Adams is a rich artist who thinks God has called her to recklessly sell everything she has, and move off somewhere in order to become a living witness to people of not storing up for yourself treasures on earth. So she lets all her riches go, steps onto a bus with only the clothes on her back, and lets the bus take her to the small town of Steadfast, Kansas, which she chooses randomly. In Steadfast, she proceeds to live in the attic of the library with another girl who is running away from her former life.
I don't know about you, but this whole notion is a bit reckless and silly. Nancy is trying a bit too hard to be Biblical and comes off as being sensational.
I must pause here and say that I think it's a little obvious that Nancy's favorite book of hers is The Seat Beside Me. Why else would she have Merry living in steadfast?
And at the end of the book, it veers off the original point of the plot dramatically. The plot is a bit of a mess, and it looks like the editor slept through the end. By the end, Claire isn't even the focus character anymore. The whole second half of the book is used setting up the sequel.
The biggest problem is that this is not realistic and is plagued with Moser's typical amateur nonsense. This book is probably worth your time, however, if only for the interesting plot idea.
2 stars

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