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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Widows and Orphans by Susan Meissner

Rachael Flynn is a lawyer who likes to thoroughly investigate her cases before she takes them. But her next client is one she thought she would never have: her brother.
Her brother is a quiet man who just wants to help people. His life purpose, he feels, is to do whatever he can to help the widows and orphans. He has been accused of murdering the owner of a convenience store in the inner city. Two teenage girls saw him do it.
But Rachael has an uncanny ability to figure out mysteries. How? God tells her, of course.
But He isn't too speedy with his answers. He makes her investigate a little first.
Some people would say that this is kind of convenient of the author to throw this ability in their, but it's really not that big of a deal. This book is still one of the best mysteries on the market.
Another plus is the lack of a romantic subplot; Rachael is already married and has a newborn daughter. Also, there are no perfect characters. Her husband has an artist friend that is truly funny without being absurd.
The answer to the mystery is long hidden and something not many authors would do. But this fact puts it right on the Elite List.
4.5 stars

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