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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Deadline by Randy Alcorn

Jake is a newspaper reporter working in Seattle. His family life is suffering, and so is his career. One night, while out with two of his buddies, a car comes head on and rams into them. Jake is the only one who survives.
After finding out that his daughter is pregnant and has AIDS, he begins to rethink everything he ever believed and wrote about in his articles. So he begins to write more articles, countering his original ones, all while working with a quirky homicide investigator to find out whether the car accident was really an accident or not.
The characters are pretty good, as good as can be expected with a debut novel. Ollie, the homicide detective, is one of the more creative characters ever crafted.
This mystery isn't really a mystery; the answer is pretty easy to figure out. The end is complete with a long "suspenseful" showdown with the bad guys.
The major plus that keeps this book afloat is a completely original fiction feature Randy has included in this book: scenes depicting life in heaven, which include characters that die during the plot. This originality is what keeps this book afloat.
All in all, this book is good for a debut novel, but otherwise, it's kind of boring. But the characters make the reader want to read the next book.
3 stars

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