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Monday, August 31, 2009

Eternity's Edge by Bryan Davis

Bryan Davis is trying desperately to make Echoes from the Edge a trilogy. It would have done better as a standalone novel. But for some reason, all speculative books belong in trilogies.
The biggest problem with these first two books are their length. There is lots of wasted time in both books.
Eternity's Edge picks up where Beyond the Reflection's Edge left off-in the hospital. After a suspenseful scene with Mictar, Kelly is checked out, miraculously healed so they can continue their mindless adventure. After that, they proceed to waste some more time with their new friend Daryl, the token computer geek who can do anything technical. Her wisecracks are unbearable.
After accidentally creating a misty veil, they walk through and find themselves in world where the people talk in musical notes. This is one of the highlights of the book because no one has ever done such a thing before. But the idea is quickly ruined when the reader finds out that Kelly is the only one who can understand them. How she can understand them, I have no idea. This is just giving her a point to the series besides the romantic subplot. Even though Nathan is perfect, he can't do everything, you know.
After visiting that world, Patar pops up again and tells them they need to find Sarah's Womb (whatever that is) in order to find Nathan's mother and the giant magical, I mean, healing violin that will fill in the holes of the universe.
If I may pause for a minute, I must say that Patar is the best characters of the series. He's not your typical benevolent otherworldly guide. Nathan and his parents take up all the perfection in the series. Patar is a bit belligerent at times with his advice, mostly because he wants them to stop his brother Mictar.
Anyway, before getting around to Sarah's Womb, Nathan and his two servants, I mean, friends enter a dream world to talk to a girl named Scarlet. She is a supplicant (whatever that is) who is trapped under a glass dome.
Also, they take their time jumping between the earths to pick up Francesca again and attempt another tragedy prevention on Yellow-the space shuttle Challenger.
Davis covers for his key characters deaths conveniently. Though a key character may die on Earth Blue or Red, they can always go find the other one.
As it turns out, Mictar is building the Lucifer machine, a machine that converts light into dark energy (whatever that is). With this he will destroy the universe.
How juvenile.
This series has the two pieces of literary trash I hate the most-sensationalism and perfect characters.
But I could ramble on and on about the abused originality of this series, but I would run out of room on the post. Thankfully I only have one book left.
2 stars

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