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Friday, August 28, 2009

The Quest by Nancy Moser

Thank you, Nancy Moser for cutting nearly two thirds of the original manuscript of this book. I don't think we could have standed any more spiritual warfare scenes.
Now that the five main characters have returned from Haven, they're all fired up and ready to change the world. Haven has produced the first female president of the US of A, one of the best writers on the market, a VERY famous artist, a street preacher, and an extremely popular TV host. The world just lavishes on them. But the supernatural isn't happy.
Demons are stalking them at every turn. But they don't know it! They can't even tell who they are!
So they have a showdown at the old bird pavilion. The demon standing up on the waterfall dangling the girl over the edge while the others shoot him down with Bible verses and prayer. Good wins in the end!
I'm not kidding.
Perhaps if Nancy had refrained from having our original five meet MORE people who went to different Havens that popped up all over the country, this book would have been more tolerable.
The replacement romances for Natalie and Kathy are cheesy.
The characters are worse. There are too many of them. Now can Nancy give any of them personal attention?
There are too many villains.
The plot is for the sensationalism lovers. This one makes them feel like they're reading suspense.
Please Nancy, spare us a third book.
2 stars

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