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Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Seat Beside Me by Nancy Moser

An airplane is yet another setting in which Nancy Moser can exhaust her recurring talent of writing about groups of four or five people.
Dora is a reporter who was supposed to be on a flight that crashes not long after takeoff. But since her mother was healed and didn't have to go to the hospital, she cancels her ticket.
The next day, the plane crashes.
The plot also focuses on a self-absorbed doctor, a young mother and wife, a bookstore owner, and a man contemplating suicide. All four survived the crash, but none of the people in the seats beside them. Beside the doctor was a woman he didn't care to save, beside the young mother were her husband and son, beside the bookstore owner was a Christian man who taught her the meaning of life, and beside the man contemplating suicide was another Christian man who made him change his mind about his decision.
Dora eventually meets up with all of these to interview them, but all the while she is overwhelmed of how she missed the flight. The whole book is basically a journey of grief and searching for the meaning of life.
The characters are pretty good on the Nancy Moser scale. None of them are perfect except for maybe Dora.
Nancy Moser seems to be very impressed with this book. All authors pick out one book of theirs they really like. But this book does not top the Time Lottery series or Solemnly Swear.
However, it does warrant a read.
3 stars

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