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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dominion by Randy Alcorn

Clarence is a newspaper reporter working in Seattle alongside Jake, who was introduced in the first book of this series. Clarence's journey begins with his sister's death by gunfire at night in her own home. Clarence immediately plunges himself into the investigation, which pits him to work alongside Ollie Chandler, our eccentric ho-ho-homicide friend.
On top of that, his teenage son is contemplating joining a local gang with whom he hangs out with often.
The investigation is long and drawn out, like a realistic one would be. It is filled with complexities, rabbit trails, and false clues as Clarence and Ollie are plunged into the street world of gangs, drugs, and racial discrimination. But to make the book not all about the mystery, Randy throws in all kinds of extra scenes such as history lessons on the Negro Leagues, family life in Clarence's family tree, and more heaven scenes, this time focusing on Dani, Clarence's dead sister.
The characters are better than in the first book because they have matured, along with the author's writing style. None of them are perfect.
Randy poured almost every idea he had into this book, which is an explanation for its 600+ page length.
The final scene is not a typical one. It's something that the reader does not expect at first. When the reader is done reading it, they don't know what hit them.
I could go on and on about the flawless writing style of this book, but the best way for you to find that out is to read it for yourself. It may take a week, but just bare with it and finish it. The end is worth the wait.
5 stars

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