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Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Heir by Paul Robertson

I must say, when I finished The Heir, I had no idea what I thought about it. The whole story, though interesting, was unprofessionally written and had an detached writing style. It's about a man who inherits the throne of his father's corrupt business empire. He is skeptical at first about taking the reins, but is then blinded by greed and all the things he can get.
I didn't like the way Robertson wrote it, and I can't believe it even got published. It was like the rough draft of a novel that someone decided to publish. The storyline goes all over the place and gets wilder and wilder at the end until it just cuts off like he couldn't think of anything else to write. It disappoints me because I believe the plot had great potential.
The character development is left behind as a whirlwind of a bad dialogue and spastic plot structure.
It's not worth your time unless you're bedridden and have read everything else in your local library and personal bookshelves first. And if you ever read it before that, let it be a lesson to you of how not to write a novel.
1.5 star

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