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Monday, August 31, 2009

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader by C.S. Lewis

Now that Peter and Susan cannot return to Narnia, Lucy and Edmund are called back one last time to Narnia-mostly to introduce their bothersome cousin Eustace.
Eustace is one of Lewis' better characters. He's a spoiled brat who only wants certain things. He clashes a lot with Reepicheep.
This time, the three children are transported to Narnia through a picture of a ship and dropped out in the middle of an ocean. They are saved by the Dawn Treader, a Narnian ship that King Caspian mans. Their quest is to see what's beyond the Great Sea. Also, they are trying to find the seven lost lords of Narnia, which King Miraz sent on a fatal voyage across the sea.
Their first stop is the Lone Islands, in which they tangle with some illegal slave traders. After that, they visit several other islands such as ones containing one-footed dwarfs, dragons, water that turns things into gold, nothing, and more.
One of the more interesting islands is the Dark Island, an island that shows you your worst nightmares. Lewis shows off his extreme creativity with the creation of these islands.
The whole concept of the book is different from all the other Chronicles of Narnia, which is what makes this series so interesting.
The end is not one I would have predicted, but it is one that I like. It's probably the most different end of all of them.
There are no villains in this tale, save for the slave traders.
There is a romantic subplot in this book, the first for the series. It's interesting because it's introduced near the end of the book.
As I have said before, an author has yet to top the Chronicles of Narnia.
5 stars

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