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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Skid by Rene Gutteridge

Danny McSweeney never knew what he was in for when he agreed to be first officer on flight 1945, Atlanta to Amsterdam. Between an eccentric, aloof pilot, a copilot who's always got a nickname and a conspiracy theory to spout, and a lead flight attendant who thinks she runs the show, he almost resigns from his job.
On top of that, on the over side of the cockpit door, a woman has a very original carry-on: a pot-bellied pig with a personality. Also, a thief is aboard, along with a loud Oprah worshiper and of course, Hank Hazard, the sibling in this book.
Hank is almost a background character himself. His occupation is an airline inspector, a man payed to test the airline's patience and accommodations. The problem with Hank is that he's a perfect character, despite what some people might say. The other characters, however are real and believable.
Rene makes the flight drag on for a while without making it boring. The planes takes off at about page one hundred and stays in the air all the way until the epilogue.
The main problems with this book are, of course, Hank's perfection, and also a "suspenseful" scene at the end in which a passenger holds up the plane with a gun. This, in my opinion was unnecessary and forced into the plot.
Also, the book is hardly about Hank's profession. He isn't even the type of person to hold down a picky job like that. I think the book would have achieved a five star rating if the book has been completely from Hank's perspective and to have it all about his asking for accommodations. That would be truly funny and original.
To say this book is a comedy would be an overstatement. I believe that those looking for a comedy will be disappointed, but those looking for a good character based story will be satisfied.
It's good enough to be Elite.
4 stars

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