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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Crossroads by Nancy Moser

Crossroads, to me, is one of the worst books in Christian fiction today (not as bad as The Dead Whisper On, however).
Crossroads was meant to be The Inheritance, the fourth book of the Seeds of Faith series. It think it would have been better placed in that series.
Anyway, the plot is about an old woman who currently owns a small town that is quickly becoming a ghost town. In order to save the town, she decides to sell off the property bit by bit to people out of state who want to move there. She advertises everywhere and they begin bidding for the property. As usual, Nancy uses this setting to exhaust her usual writing style of focusing on a group of four to five people.
As a nod to the Seeds of Faith series, she adds Kathy and her family to the plot with an extra piece of history none of the readers knew about.
The other token characters are a former deputy coming to see if his former girlfriend still loved him, a small family from the big city wanting a quieter pace, and an old couple also wanting the quiet of a small town.
The plot is pretty boring and the characters are average on the Nancy Moser scale.
The end of the book is ridiculous, having two of the characters get away with something immoral. There's lots of sensationalism and cheesy scenes and dialogue. It's beyond predictable. It's just sickening that this type of writing is allowed in the Christian market.

1 star

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