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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Deception by Randy Alcorn

Finally...the book we have all been waiting for...the book that hands Ollie Chandler the reins and lets him fly-in the first person, nonetheless!
A certain homicide is baffling everyone-even old Ollie. A man is in his own apartment, and the crime scene itself is a complete puzzle. There are many different, nonsensical objects left behind at the crime-each one of them belonging to a different person around town. One by one, the suspects are eliminated until just a select few are left. The ironic thing is, since Ollie was drunk the night the murder occurred, he has no other choice but to put himself on the suspect list.
Having a book in the first person of a character like Ollie Chandler gives Randy Alcorn all kinds of creative avenues to drive down with his sentences. And judging by the length of the book, I think Randy drove down every one of them. The tone is completely different than that of Dominion for that reason. Not as much research, more wisecracks.
Ollie is steadfastly true to his character. He has several daily habits that are not overemphasized by the author. After several times of them preforming them, the reader catches on without any prompting from the author.
There is a very original non-overemphasized romantic subplot-one of the best ever crafted.
It takes a while for Ollie to unravel all the clues-but he finally does. The culprit will shock you.
Usually final scenes are ridiculous and bland, but this one is not. Though it is completely different from the final scene of Dominion, it is still just as original.
Sadly, I must suggest that, while I would LOVE to read another book from the first person of Ollie Chandler, I must discourage Randy to write any more in this series for fear of depreciation.
But for now, I will celebrate in the present.
5 stars

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