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Monday, August 31, 2009

Poll Report August 2009

Which of these is your favorite author?
This was the first question we asked in our existence. Here are the results:

1. Randy Singer (50% of votes)
This was a stunner for us because we were sure Karen Kingsbury would win. This shows the sensibility of our viewers. We think several of our author friends chose this one as well.

2. James Scott Bell (25% of votes)
We think that James voted for himself (sorry, James). We are also quite sure that Randy Singer did not vote for himself.

3. Karen Kingsbury (17% of votes)
We don't really understand this outcome, but we are pretty sure Trisha Kingsbury voted for her sister.

4. Angela Hunt (8% of votes)

5. T Davis Bunn (0% of votes)
This one also shows the sensibility of our viewers. T isn't as good or as popular as he thinks he is.

Thank you everyone for casting your vote! Be sure to vote for the current poll.
As for which author we cast our vote to, that will be an eternal mystery.

If you would like to reveal whom you voted for just send us an email.

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