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Monday, August 24, 2009

The Secret on Aarat by Tim LaHaye and Bob Phillips

Though it is filled with as much drama, false suspense, and bad characters as the first book in this series, The Secret on Ararat actually has some good points to it. Thank God Laura didn't come back from the dead. However, Tim can't seem to shy away from the replacement romances.
The plot starts out with our perfect character Michael Murphy in other one of Methuselah's games. What is he searching for this time? You guessed it: Noah's ark. Not a very creative topic. Where do they look for it? You guessed it: Mount Ararat.
The part that makes this plot interesting is a surprise on the ark and the slightly original end.
Murphy still remains as perfect a character as anything (so perfect it's ridiculous). The secondary characters, the ones who look up to Michael's perfection, are still not good characters either.
More Biblical flashbacks make the story interesting. I found myself looking forward to those more than the actual plot itself.
The whole idea behind this book is more interesting then I thought it would be, so that alone warrants a read.
3.5 stars

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