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Monday, August 24, 2009

Eden's Gate by Christopher A Lane

I am now convinced that the only original authors prior to the year 2000 were CS Lewis, Jane Austen, and John White (Please tell us if we missed one). Eden's Gate is just another example of this.
Ben is a world-renowned archaeologist who has been called in to take the place of his rival archaeologist upon his disappearance during a dig. He is paired with a radical archaeologist who is trying to discover the Tower of Babel.
Jennifer is a reporter who is assigned to the dig. She does not like Ben at first because of his outspoken Christian views.
John is a prominent businessman who is hiding a secret from everyone, even his most trusted executive assistant. John has nothing to do with the archaeological dig at all. He is merely an extra subplot that makes the book longer.
First of all, there are no good characters. This book was written during the age of no characters. Each person is merely a fixture in the plot that could be played by anyone. The characters do not drive the plot; the villains do.
Oh, I forgot to mention the ridiculous villain. Silly me. How could I forget the gun-toting madman that the male and female lead have a showdown with in front of all the angels?
Oh, I forgot to explain the angels too.
It seems that Ben, while looking for the Tower of Babel, "accidentally" stumbled upon the exact spot his predecessor had died at-the entrance to the Garden of Eden, which is supposedly still on earth and is still being guarded by the cherubim.
Gee, what a coincidence.
Jennifer apparently has her conversion experience in front of the angels. They probably scared her to death.
But there is a reason to be grateful for these kinds of books. It shows us how far Christian fiction has come and how much better it is now than it used to be.
Otherwise, this book should be ignored completely.
1 star

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