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Monday, August 31, 2009

Firebird by Kathy Tyers

I've been told that the Firebird trilogy is the best trilogy ever written. Based on the setting of Firebird, I'm almost convinced. The setting is probably the most original I have ever read. The plot, however, is a different story (pardon the pun).
I guess most people are blinded by the extremely original setting. It's set in an alternate universe in which people travel back and forth between the planets. The universe is basically divided to the left and to the right; between good and evil. Our main character, Firebird, starts out on the evil side and ends up on the good side.
Firebird is little lost in her royal line of siblings. She's fourth in her family and is destined to be a wastling all her life, and to die heroically in a inner space battle. But when the enemy saves her on purpose to milk information from her, the plot takes an interesting turn.
Unfortunately, from that point, the plot gets less original and more typical and same old, same old. The only thing that redeems this book is the original setting. Without that, it wouldn't be worth reading.
Most people look at the surroundings instead of at the plot and the characters. While this is important, one should not focus entirely on it. One should focus on the plot most of all. The plot is a typical romance plot. Firebird meets Brennan, the perfect male lead, on the good side and they fall in love, especially after Firebird becomes a Christian in the last chapter.
Tyers' characters aren't as good as she thinks they are. I think she has them scripted to well. They say all the write things and do the write things. She needs to throw in some surprises.
But this is a debut novel, so I can't expect much. I have mixed feelings about this series and will wait to see how the rest of it turns out.
2.5 stars

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