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Monday, August 24, 2009

The Europa Conspiracy by Tim Lahaye and Bob Phillips

The Europa Conspiracy is supposed to be about Michael Murphy, our perfect hero, searching for the Handwriting on the Wall, which is a product of another one of Methuselah's games.
But most of the plot is filled up with an attempted prevention of a terrorist attack on the San Francisco Bridge. The treasure hunt, which is tacked onto the end, is merely a fixture to make this book a part of the series. A large majority of the plot is filled up with lots of suspenseful scenes and daring feats by our hero Michael Murphy.
I don't really like the way Tim LaHaye plays up his complete perfection, but at least he's honest about one thing: Michael Murphy is not a real person. He's the person "we all want to be."
I also don't like the way Tim has forced the concept of Biblical prophecies into these treasure hunts. I haven't really noticed anything about the end times in any of these books.
I also don't believe Talon is the most ruthless terrorist in the entire history of fiction. That's just downright prideful, Pastor LaHaye.
I must confess to you that I read this series out of order. I read it in this order: Babylon Rising, The Secret on Ararat, The Edge of Darkness, The Europa Conspiracy. And guess what? I didn't even miss The Europa Conspiracy when I read The Edge of Darkness. This book adds nothing at all to the series.
Therefore, it should have been discarded.
2 stars

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