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Monday, August 31, 2009

Fearless by Robin Parrish

Normally in fiction, events like fire raining down from heaven, mass diseases, mass natural disasters and superpowers happen off in alternate worlds, safely away from Planet Earth. But Robin Parrish has brought these events to our home planet has pulled readers from their comfort zones.
Therein lies the originality of the Dominion Trilogy.
The world is falling apart around the Loci, and only they can save it. But how can they save it when they themselves are afraid?
Grant, Alex, Morgan, and several other new characters are working to control riots, heal disease and restore order. But order lies in the hands of the Secretum of Six. They alone hold the fate of the world.
The main thing that drives this plot and makes the book long is Grant's obsession for finding the location of the Secretum. The journey is not lacking for bumps.
Payton has gone crazy with blood lust. He doesn't know who he works for or what he should do. So he's just using his power for bad-he's killing random people.
The world has idolized Grant, calling him Guardian. This fact has made the FBI mad. So Robin Parrish introduces a new villain in the series-the FBI. They are chasing the Loci around, but they don't even know their significance in the world's ever darkening future.
Parrish introduces several new powers he invented just to add to the plot.
The characters remain the same as they were in the first book. No miraculous shifts to perfection (pardon the pun).
The end is definitely continued and cannot end here. Unlike the end of Relentless, this definitely keeps the reader looking for more.
Several more key character deaths accelerate the originality. No one has ever done so many key character deaths without resurrection.
I did not believe at first that Relentless should have been continued. I had no idea what Robin was going to do for two more books. But I was wrong.
The main reason this book is also five stars is because I can see no flaws in it. Any suspenseful scenes are necessary and not overplayed.
The only problem I can for see is how in the world Robin is going to end this trilogy. But it must be something good, because everybody loves it. We'll just have to wait a few more days...
5 stars

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