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Friday, August 28, 2009

In Sheep's Clothing by Susan May Warren

Warren crafts a good plot, but not a great one in In Sheep's Clothing. The storyline is great considering that she wrote it in a Russian flat while homeschooling three kids under eight where she had no email or running water during the day.
The main problem with it is that while the plot isn't as predictable as it could be, I found the story to be slightly boring and normal. The characters and their histories are well developed, but they aren't anything different.
The story itself is set in Russia and is about a missionary who thinks she has failed in her faith. She's about to pack it in when her best friend and her husband die in their apartment because of some kind of medical secret they were hiding. She is afraid she will be charged for their deaths, so she clams up when under interrogation. An FSB agent comes onto the scene to try to protect her, and you can imagine where that leads. Since the agent isn't a Christian, Warren had even more room to be typical with this book.
I guess I can't really fault her for being typical. Here's why: this is a debut novel that was written under hectic circumstances. It's actually very surprising that it's as good as it is.
The "in sheep's clothing" part is actually very original. Who the criminal is is different. It would have been unpredictable if the enemy wouldn't have called himself the Wolf and if the title wasn't what it was.
If you are looking for a normal thriller, then this is the book the read.
2 stars

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