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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Relentless by Robin Parrish

One ordinary morning, Colin Boyd steps off the bus and sees himself standing across the street. After looking in a shop window, he realizes that he is no longer Colin Boyd. His new driver's licence tells him so. He is now Grant Barrows. He has been Shifted.
From there, he is chased by a serial killer who wants to ring that has appeared on his right middle finger. The only problem is, the ring won't come off. It won't even budge.
After being guided by a barefoot woman to a compound filled with other Shifted people, called shimmers, he starts to get some answers. But not all of them. They are all players in a dangerous game. A game that decides the dominion of the world. They are wanted by a secret society called the Secretum of Six, who has unlimited resources and can get whatever they want when they want it.
Grant also finds out that the shimmers have been waiting for him for a long time. He is the Bringer, their leader. With him, they can begin their work.
But they don't exactly know what that work is. Only the Keeper knows.
Each of the shimmers has a special power that is given off by the ring. Each is different from each other, and also different from anything I have ever read. Robin Parrish did a good job coming up with original powers.
Normally, I would say that's a five star idea, not necessarily a five star book. But I was wrong.
Normally, speculative fiction doesn't have good characters. But there's always an exception.
Normally, when key characters die, they come back to life. Think again.
Normally, the villain is a completely unbelievable, animalistic character with no personality. I don't think so.
Normally, debut novels aren't five stars. There never has been, in fact. Until now.
Normally, an author wouldn't have handled this kind of plot the way Robin Parrish did. But Robin Parrish is the kind of author the Christian market needs: one who can combine five star ideas with five star plots.
The one problem I can think of is I have no idea what the next two books in the series are about. It seemed like everything was resolved at the end. But when you're dealing with an author who can write a five star debut novel, you never know what he might do next. This is why I plan to review the rest of Robin's books, as well as look to the future to see what he will do next.
5 stars

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