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Friday, August 28, 2009

Deadlock by Robert Liparulo

If you like action adventure, perfect and indestructible characters, and absolutely no plot, then you will like Deadlock. But if you actually care about the quality of the fiction you read, than run far, far away from this book.
In this unnecessary sequel, Liparulo turns Hutch and his crew into perfect characters as they fight for the truth about Brendan Page's secret military operation. No one will believe them, so they must recklessly fight for their lives and for what they believe is the truth. When Logan gets kidnapped by the bad guys, Hutch goes ballistic. Though he pretends to be smart and cool the whole time, he stops thinking rationally. Of course, his irrational thinking was what got Logan into the mess in the first place. But that part of the plot is brushed over, because remember, Hutch can do no wrong.
From there, all that's pretty much left are gun fights and gore. The end is ridiculous, having Hutch fight Brendan on top of a building with a longbow AGAIN. But there's another whole issue that no other reviewer had opened up yet. The characters talk about praying and going to heaven, but the names of God and Jesus are never mentioned. Instead, the "good" characters are free with the expletives and other colorful words. Call me old-fashioned, I don't care. If Liparulo is trying to not shove Christianity down people's throats, he's gone the other extreme.
Also, the title makes absolutely no sense. It should have been called Shootout.
From this point on, Liparulo needs to sit back and actually think about what he's writing before he produces more useless books.
1.5 stars

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