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Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Good Nearby by Nancy Moser

The Good Nearby is another one of Nancy Moser's absurd, cheesy, and sensational plots. It's about Gigi, a woman who's obsessed with the number 91. She bases her life decisions on whether the number appears or not. She married her husband because he was number 91 on the football team, she visits a certain woman's house because the number 91 was in the address.
Besides that, the plot also follows five other people in her town that each have something in common-a medical condition. What this has to do with Gigi is original enough. But this original idea is overshadowed by the general stupidity of the plot.
The characters are just average. Gigi, of course, is an absurd character. She acts half her age most of the time.
I can't believe Nancy did what she did at the end of the book, but it served her own sensational purpose to make everything work out right. By the end of the book, several of the other characters are also obsessed with the number 91.
Perhaps if she had cut out the number nonsense, this book would have been average. The number alone drags the whole book down.
Most people will like this book because it's "touching". Maybe it is, if you can forget about the 91 part.
1.5 stars

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