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Monday, August 31, 2009

Shivering World by Kathy Tyers

The best thing about Kathy Tyers is that she knows what she's doing. She knows what genre she can write and she writes it to her best ability. Her problem is disguising typical plots with original settings, which she did in the Firebird trilogy.She has done that again in Shivering World, her first standalone novel.
It's about a woman with a genetic disorder who is working with a team of terraformers who are trying to make Goddard, a planet outside of our solar system, able to be lived on without oxygen. The only problem is that solar system's "sun" is inconsistent in the heat it gives off, thus causing temperature problems.
Also, a villain has unleashed a virus upon the planet that is really making the place inhabitable. The plus is, the villain is kind of different.
There are several problems with this book, the first being the lead character. She's practically Firebird reincarnated. Another problem is the deceiving cover description. It says it's mostly about her genetic disorder, but it's really not. There are very few scenes depicting her struggle with it. It's basically a sidebar plot device, not the main plot device. The other problem is the end. The lead characters come up with a CRT (Convenient Rescue Technique) at the end to remove the virus, though the plot never shows them using it. The book cuts off before it gets to that part.
The whole book is kind of long winded and boring. However the idea behind the plot is really interesting, as usual. Kathy has just yet to write that good plot.
I have mixed feelings about this book, but it's definitely above average, making it her best book to date.
3 stars

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