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Friday, August 7, 2009

Dark Moon by Alton Gansky

On an ordinary night of stargazing, an astronomer looks through the eye of the telescope and sees something he thought he would never live to see. The moon has turned blood red. According to the Bible, that's a sign of the end times. The astronomer finds himself second guessing himself because he believes that would happen after the Rapture. He tries to study into it deeper, but there's nothing to study. The moon is simply red.

A woman is being held against her will in an asylum because of the strange visions she keeps having. Her husband is a politician, so he keeps her locked up there, away from the press. They keep her confined in her room, but she can't control the visions. She doesn't want them. When she sees a red moon out her window, she believes that she has really lost it.

The best thing Alton did with this book was he kept it normal. No flashy, supernatural scenes. Nothing out of the ordinary (except for a red moon). Just normal, every day life that has been affected by the moon's color change.

The downfall to this book is for one, the lack of good characters. While they are imperfect, they lack personality, thus detracting a little from the realism of the rest of the plot.

Another problem with the book is Alton's general wasted time. He fills time with issues in the astronomer's life, visions from the woman in the asylum, and a short subplot about a schiziophrenic that really never comes to anything. The most interesting part of the book is the explination behind the red moon. Otherwise, the book is a little boring.

All in all, Alton has proved with this book that he can write normal plots and still be interesting.

4.5 stars

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