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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Debt by Angela Hunt

On the surface, The Debt looks like nothing special. The cover is pretty unassuming. But the content of the plot is up to Hunt's usual caliber.
The plot tells the story of a certain pastor's wife. Her husband is a prominent pastor, having lunch with the president and all that. But neither of them have any kids. Actually, she has a son out of wedlock living somewhere in the country. But she doesn't know where he is.
Until she receives and email from him saying he wants to come visit. At first, she hides it from her husband and tells her son that it's okay. But she ends up having to tell her husband just before her son arrives.
Her son is what makes the plot interesting. He's a pastor, just like his stepfather, but not of the same cloth. He's a street preacher, going to the prostitutes and adult video store owners and helping them. Not preaching to them. Helping them. Meeting their needs. While his stepfather is off bashing immoral books, he's witnessing to the people that read them. Witnessing with his actions.
The book shows a powerful yet simple side of witnessing. There is always a place for the big time preachers, as long as their heart is with God. But even more importantly are the ones that do the dirty work.
If this isn't enough to like, then the original end is the icing on the proverbial homemade cake.
Basically, Angela Hunt is the best female author on the market.
4 stars

1 comment:

  1. You are too kind! (Blushing). Thank you so much for seeing the heart of my story. :-) Blessings on your work!

    Angie Hunt