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Monday, August 17, 2009

The Edge of Recall by Kristen Heitzmann

By the end of The Edge of Recall, I had mixed feelings about the novel. It's about an labyrinth architect who's been called by her former boyfriend to come design a labyrinth at a mansion he's currently remodeling. The only problem is, she's battling mental issues: she thinks there's a monster chasing her everywhere. While this sounds cheesy, it's really very interesting.
The beginning of the book was very interesting and different in itself. The body of the book is entertaining, and the characters are good, except for the male lead, who is suffering for a real personality.
The entire plot is as if it has two layers. Near the end, Heitzmann unfolds both of them. What's under the first is very surprising. What's under the second is slightly typical.
But the problem came in when she unfolded an unnecessary third layer that ruins the book entirely. It makes everything beyond good at the end; it makes it all perfect, even several unnecessary aspects.
Overall, the plot structure and the plot idea are both original. But as I've said before, a bad end can ruin a great plot. It's not that I wouldn't recommend the book to someone. I probably would, especially if it was someone who liked a good Christian fiction book and didn't care about analyzing good plot structure.
2.5 stars

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