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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fatal Harvest by Catherine Palmer

Fatal Harvest is Palmer's first attempt at suspense, and it's pretty good. However, she once again used an impossible storyline.
It's about a high school student, a computer geek, who finds incriminating evidence about a major relief company's food-routing scheme. He downloads this information onto a thumb drive and than confronts the company with it, which was his first mistake. Soon he finds himself on the run for his life.
His father quickly finds out his son is gone and calls the authorities. Once a certain female agent finds out what he's been up to, his father accompanies her on her search for him.
The problem with this is that it opens up the inevitable romance that, for this kind of book, is unnecessary and subtracts from the star total.
But the saving grace of this book is the realisticness of the situation. And though the characters go through several near-death experiences, this book is still entertaining to read.
Though I believe it is her best book, mostly because of it's different theme, it's still not spectacular.
3 stars

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